Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Poem | Independence Day | LYU000130

Independence Day India

ऐ मेरे देश के नौजवानो,
जागो,उठो अपनी असली शक्ति पहचानो,
तुम ही हो मेरे देश की शान
तुम ही से मिलेगी देश को नई पहचान,

उगते सूर्य की तरह चमको तुम
भारत के नाम से दुनियां में दमको तुम,
कर दो भ्रष्टाचार को कम
दिखा दो अब तुम अपना दम,

हटा दो लाचारियों के पर्दों को
मिटा दो बेरोजगारियों के दर्दों को,
दम से अपने कुछ करके दिखा दो तुम,
अब उड़ने को पंख अपने फैला दो तुम,

रूकना नहीं,झुकना नहीं हो जाओ तैयार तुम
हाँसलो से अपने मिटा दो नशों के अत्याचार तुम,
मिटा दो इन गरीबी के अन्धेरों को
अपने देश में लाओ उन्नति के सवेरों को,

प्रण लो की आज तुम्हें प्रगति की ओर जाना है
प्यारे भारत वतन को फिर से सोने की चिड़ियाँ बनना है,

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Editorial & English By Vishal Sir | Dear Motivator, A Catalyst! A Guider | Vishal Parihar

Dear Motivator, A Catalyst! A Guider, An Honorable person, few words for you..... 
Editorial & English By Vishal Sir | Dear Motivator, A Catalyst! A Guider | Vishal Parihar
"The most valuable resources that all teachers have are each other. Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives". 

It is often said that the three main contributions to shaping people's lives, our God, parents and teacher like "VISHAL PARIHAR" sir. "VISHAL" is a name which gives so many happiness to millions of people in this entire nation. When I think about "VISHAL PARIHAR" sir, this comes to my mind, he is not only a teacher but also a great person with a good character which are always looked up by other people. Besides teaching, he always guides and motivates in accomplishing people's achievements and a person who is most reliable, trustworthy and is thus welcomed everywhere. 

When we deeply examine the influence of "VISHAL" sir, we will be able to determine the true effect that he has on the lives of people with an ability to shape the views, ideas and actions of young people and helps people to discover how they wish to become in the future. 

The best identifying characteristics of Vishal Parihar Sir 

Vishal Sir has state-of-art of knowledge, clarity of presentation, encourage thinking, stimulate enthusiasm process of discovery, promotion of positive emotions, moral, and motivation to words people give to become a milestone of our country. 

There are some traits too that we can find in him. He is an Instructor who instructs us how to do each step. A Guide who leads us towards our destination. A friend who always is in all our ups and downs and has the confidence in us. A Mentor who makes us strong enough to take our decision. A Motivator who posses true capabilities to inspire us and motivates to words our work and achieve our goals. A Guardian who cares to people does every possible thing he could do. 

He lends his hand to every people making a decision and awareness of social responsibilities for their lives and makes people strong enough to stand their own feet and face any challenge. 

Almost 5 years of stretch, his dedication has been recognising him as an excellent educator and a role model who inspires and encourages people to strive for greatness, live with the fullest potential and see the best in themselves. 

Undoubtedly, he plays an indispensable and immensely important role in words shaping people's lives in the right direction. When we imagine a society and lives of people without him, is not possible. 

I am not capable to explain the meaning of this great person but that was required. For me, he is a beacon of light guiding, like a candle who burns selflessly and enlightening the eager minds!!!!!

Subhasmita Karan

Friday, July 26, 2019

Who Is Vishal Parihar? | A teacher | A Leader | A Youth Icon?

The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of Vishal Parihar sir is a person with fabulous teaching flair and a kind heart, who is more than happy to lend his hand to every student in achieving what they have dreamt of, and to make this aspiration of students come true, Vishal sir begins his day at waking up at the wee hours of 4 o clock and delivering back to back lectures, taking doubts and solving students’ questions and queries entire day, that too for almost 5 years in a stretch. And this utmost dedication and perseverance have helped Vishal sir’s students to reach the most prestigious posts such as LIC AAO, Ado and bank PO, clerks of various banks.

The best trait about Vishal sir is that students can establish a connection between Vishal sir and them that is why Vishal sir is at beck and call of every student from every corner of the country. To provide the panacea of English language is the challenge he undertook a few years back and from the many students, since then he rooted out the fear of English which has upset the apple cart of many aspirants a lot, and thus, and this obliteration of fear has been transforming the students’ lives incessantly.

Though Vishal sir does not find the rat race of award and recognition intriguing, he did receive quite a few rewards and recognition for his knowledge, dedication, and perseverance. He grabbed the best faculty award in 2017, the pioneer education award, the award for excellence and he was one of the top educators in the banking segment in PAN India. In the end, I just would like to shed light on what fascinates Vishal sir tremendously is to bring the satisfaction and sense of achievement the students’ face for they put enormous hard work and put a great number of things on stake for the sake of their family.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Poem | Father's Day | 16 June 2019 (LYU000130)

Father's day poem | Quote | Vishal Parihar | Parinita

ऊँगली पकड़ कर चलना सिखाया 

हर मुश्किल में आगे बढ़ना सिखाया 

नम आँखें ढूंढ रही हैं, पापा !! कहाँ हो आप ?? 

मेरी पहचान, मेरा अभिमान हो आप 

मेरी शोहरत, मेरा स्वाभिमान हो आप, 

नम आँखें ढूंढ रही हैं, पापा !! कहाँ हो आप ?? 

बिन आपके, दिन, महीने, साल रही हूँ गुजार, 

जो भूले न भुला सकूँ, वो हैं मेरे पापा का प्यार 

नम आँखें ढूंढ रही हैं, पापा !! कहाँ हो आप ?? 

मंजिल हैं दूर और सफ़र बहुत है, 

आप के प्यार में पापा, आज भी असर बहुत है 

नम आँखें ढूंढ रही हैं, पापा !! कहाँ हो आप ?? 

घर में तो सब अपना प्यार दिखाते हैं 

सच तो यह है, आप आज भी बहुत याद आते हैं 

नम आँखें ढूंढ रही हैं, पापा !! कहाँ हो आप ??

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Why a student should follow ‘The Hindu Editorial’ by Vishal sir regularly?

Why a student should follow ‘The Hindu Editorial’ by Vishal sir regularly?
Why a student should follow ‘The Hindu Editorial’ by Vishal sir regularly?

“Editorial By Vishal Sir” is now back on Wifi Study platform. It’s been around two months he’s not taken any session of the same on Adda247 YouTube channel.
Time: 07:00 AM (Monday to Sunday) Everyday
Only on WifiStudy YouTube Channel.
 Go to the Playlist: Click here

Key Features:
This is only one of the shows on YouTube that provides everything on a single platform. The following sequence makes this show more fruitful.

  • Starting with a powerful motivational quote which creates enthusiasm.
  • Providing an overview of all the Articles published in the Opinion Section
  • Explaining Vocabulary Words with Parts of Speech along with Hindi Meaning
  • Providing complete analysis of two main articles focusing on Banking and SSC exams
  • Providing Daily Questions Based on Current Affairs
  • Providing ‘’Phrasal Verbs’’ and ‘’Idioms & Phrases’’ that were used in The Hindu Newspaper
  • Providing ‘Descriptive Question’ Daily on the basis of the discussed article of the day

Tuesday, February 19, 2019



As every Indian is in profound grief and moaning for the casualties of 40 CRPF Personnel who lose their lives due to heinous terror attack at Pulwama district in Jammu & Kashmir. In the wake of this attack, India has revoked Pakistan's most favoured status, which will affect the trade between the two nations.

Most favoured nation status is the clause under the world trade organization's (WTO) General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT). This allows the free flow of trade between the two countries. MNF is the agreement which says that the benefits and the restrictions imposed on a country will be imposed on other WTO countries. This is meant for equal treatment for trade among the countries.
In 1996, this status was given to Pakistan but Pakistan did not reciprocate it to India. Now, this withdrawal step will impose high duties on the imported goods from Pakistan this will affect the export of it.

Currently, the total trade between IND-PAK is $2billion. Pakistan imports cotton and chemicals in a heavy amount from India. Now, These industries in Pakistan will be affected by the shortage of these goods. This is a great step taken by our government. This is necessary to remove all the concessions given to Pakistan to learn them a lesson, That India gives back everything and these demises of our brave soldiers will be forgotten. this is must - "Never forget and never forgive". 

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चल, औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं (LYU000127)

चल, औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं

चल आज कुछ प्रण लें 
जो सबसे कठिन हो, उसे करने की ठान लें 
सुना है, सफलता तभी मिलती है,
जब औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं।

बहुत सुन लिया औकात में रह,
तेरी औकात नहीं, तू ये कर सके,
तो इनका जवाब देने के लिए,
चल, आज औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं।

कब तक यूँ हाथ पे हाथ रखकर बैठा रहेगा, 
इससे तेरा "टाइम नहीं आयेगा"
तो चल, एक दिन कुछ बनने के लिए,
आज, औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं।

मत टाल, अपने काम को कल पर,
अपने हर दिन को आखिरी दिन मान के काम कर,
क्योकि भगवान भी जानता है,
तू अपनी औकात से बाहर कुछ कर सकता है।

ध्यान रख, ये समय फिर नहीं आयेगा
एक बार जो चला गया, वापस न मिल पायेगा,
फिर भी, तू क्यों कहता है, कल से करते हैं, 
चल ना, आज ही औकात से बाहर कुछ कर जाते हैं।

ये दुनिया ऐसे ही इज्जत नहीं देती, साहब
जलना पड़ता है, तपना पड़ता है, पसीना बहाना पड़ता है,
तब जाके ये "साढ़े तीन अक्षर" मिल पाते हैं,
तो क्यों न, आज औकात से कुछ बाहर कर जाते हैं।

तो उठ, माँ-बाप का आर्शीवाद लेके, 
दोस्तो का साथ लेके,
शुरु हो जाते है,
आज ही, औकात से बाहर कुछ कर जाते हैं।

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