Tuesday, January 22, 2019

General Election- Rise Above Polarisation Politics (LYU000101)


(2019 Lok Sabha Election Sneak Peek)

As we all know that in India, General elections are going to be held between April and May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. This election will be conducted by the Election Commission of India. Each and every political parties are busy in their election Campaigns, promoting themselves with their new development schemes and promises in front of common peoples.

Election – it is a formal process by which number of peoples selects an individual as their leader who can manage and hold their administration in better way. It is not only used for government purpose but also used for an organizations, fore example; trade and professional associations, environmental and social groups.

Election fever in IndiaIndia is a place where everything is celebrated as like a festival. Just like that election is also one of them .As this summer will be going to be election summer , every party is exercising there own way to woo the voters. As estimated 900 millions Indians will be casting there votes, this election will be the first election after independence that seriously challenge country’s inclusive political culture.

Election, start to becomes more similar to advertisement campaigns, providing the candidate with a chance to present themselves on the judgment of the electorate in all the fields -academic, political or scientific. But now a day’s every candidate mostly depend on the religious polarization, caste, culture so as to gain the communal votes. Now election is not fight on the development issue ,its more depend on the issues which are of no use.

As the general election date are coming ,there will be a lot of promises for the voters from the political parties ,so as to gain there trust ,but its up to voters to decide whether they will vote for the parties who deliver there promise or to parties who only indulge in the fake promises and only play communal cards.
For a better future and prospects of a country as well as individual ,people must choose the government who help to achieve this . and , as a sincere voter, every voter must choose the government on there performance not on the caste, religion etc.

As this election will give the government for next 5 years, it’s just a matter of one day to choose the best govt. for betterment of next 5 years.

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