Friday, February 15, 2019

Ayushman Bharat (LYU000112)


How Ayushman Bharat will transform Indian healthcare system. Also discuss the challenges involved in the implementation of the Scheme?  

Ayushman Bharat is the India's as well as world’s largest and very ambitious health care scheme. This scheme plays a very significant role in the transformation of Indian health care system because it will provide help to the people who cannot afford the medical facilities on own wards. But there is a major problem to implementation of this scheme is there are many hospitals and health centers and all are having their fees sometime for the same disease these centers vary in the payments.

How could we manage to the accurate amount for the particular disease. According to me there is a drawback of this scheme is this will help only BPL card holder and there are many families which also weaker in financial condition and they are not in the BPL Category so is there any help for Middle class family and I think there will be a proper feedback system which consult to directly the Patient for the feedback. And also a proper guideline for the scheme because this is the last few months of this government and what happened if the government will be changed then what will be the procedure of this scheme in future.

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