Sunday, February 17, 2019

Indian Army- Our Pride (LYU000119)


Indian army needs no introduction, we have love, respect and administration for our soldiers and the Indian Army as a whole.  As we all know, Indian army has a long and glorious history. Therefore it is difficult to talk about everything in such a limited space.  still I have included  all the main point and also tried to speak my heart out. Whenever I think of Indian Army I also want to become a soldier. I feel lucky to have  an institute where  we can really feel proud. Serving in the army is not a job.  It can't be a job. Army officers are well qualified to get any top rank job in the world.  It's a passion that  you do for the pride and honor of your country. 
They struggle, they endure everyday so that you and I can sleep in Peace.  I am quite confused  what  to write and what to left about our Indian army.  I have no words to explain their duties, their work, their responsibility and their love for the nation. Today we are safe because our soldiers are on duty 27×7 in extreme conditions.  Indian Army has never initiated the first attack to gain power.  I don't want to write any history about them and also don't want to explain their work because everyone  in the country  know their contribution. 

Once We can tolerate any type of violence but we can not tolerate any type of violence i.e. terrorism, mainly on our soldiers  Today we are safe in our country only  because  of our army. They put themselves in danger for keeping our tomorrow  safe. There have been many historical things in the Indian Army but  I pointed out only two most heinous. 
• Uri attack
• Pulwama terror attack 
In Uri, that  was an attack by four heavily armed militants on 18 sep 2016 near the town of Uri in the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir.  It was reported as a deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir.  The militant group JAISH-E-MOHHAMAD was blamed by India of being involved in the planning and execution of the attack. In this attack our 18 Soldiers was being dead. Nearly 10 days after the uri attack, India carried out surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. This is the best answer given by India to Pakistan.  Due to this strike Pakistan was bloody - nosed and shocked and did not admit surgical strike.  But after this strike he was well known about our power. 
And now  the second most heinous attack is the Pulwama attack.  In this attack our 44 Paramilitary personnel killed  in a car bomb attack. The responsibility of this attack is taken by militant group Masood- Azhar. Indian army is our life line .After this attack we don't want any surgical strike again.  We want more than surgical strike. We want the revenge of our  44 soldiers’ death by any means. Now it's over we can't tolerate more terrorism than this. Now we want death of militant group that was involved in this attack. We don't  want  any  relationship with  Pakistan.  We want the end of Pakistan. 


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