Sunday, February 3, 2019

Youth - The Source of Endless Energy (LYU000127)


 "YOUTH itself is a talent......A PERSHIABLE TALENT" 
A age in which curiosity and excitement of a young child and knowledge of an adult grows. They are source of energy because they do all work with enthusiasm in any field. They try to apply logic in everything and questions the radical thinking of elders. With the right mindset and ability they can contribute towards the development of nation. But some youngsters haven't right mindset . They start to commit crime .i.e. Murder, stealing, and cybercrime etc. Because of ....
  • Lack of education 
  • Unemployment
  • Growing competition
  • Bad surroundings
  • Aimless life , etc.

Hence , it is duty of every parents and teachers to nurture their children and help them to be a good human being. Infact ,we should also help children who have never gone to school ....we should teach them ...and should tell them about the good things and bad things.

In last , I want to say that , whatever we can contribute in our nation for good ....we should do ..... Because "Youth is the world's biggest power."

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