Monthly Archives: August, 2020

Daily Vocab Quiz-31-Aug-2020

1. Choose the word that expresses the meaning opposite to the word “INFORMED”. (a) perturbation (b) sussed (c) ignorant (d) presentiment (e) foreboding 2. Choose the…

Daily Vocab Quiz-29-Aug-2020

1. Choose the word that is opposite of the word “REDUCTION”. (a) provision (b) abrogation (c) augmentation (d) vivisection (e) prohibition 2. Choose the word that…

Daily Vocab Quiz-28-Aug-2020

1.Which of the following words is OPPOSITE in meaning to INEFFACEABLE? (a) Enduring (b) Unforgettable (c) Inextricable (d) Erasable (e) Ineradicable 2. Which of the following…

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