1. In a crisis that has become _________ dire over the past decade, digital solutions – many
with artificial intelligence (AI) at their core – offer ______ for reversing the decline in our
mental wellness.


2. (1) However for some reason, the more________________ a character, the more accepted it is in the soap opera world.
(2) The teacher found it ____________that the student was late to school because he had been kidnapped by outlaws on horseback.


3. (1) Allen was often punished in school for ___________ disrespecting teachers.
(2) He returned her gaze, hoping she would back off, but she continued to ___________ stare, then finally dropped the mask.


4. From purchasing groceries via net banking to ______ a cup of tea using mobile wallets,
Indians are _________ turning to digital payments for their daily transactions.


5. (1) I had been a little too____________ in talking of my country
(2) In midsummer, there are ____________ popsicle stands at the beach; in the winter there are none.


6. Global carbon emissions ______ to be reduced to net zero by 2050 to have a good chance
of holding global average temperature rises to no more than 1.5oC, a level that would be
__________, but not catastrophic for human civilization.


7. Egypt was ruled not by kings and emperors as was common among other ……….. at the
time, but by a citizenry, which ………….. fully in the affairs of the city.


8. If we are not thoughtful about how we _______ our ideas at work, we _____ not being heard
or, worse, missing out on the credit we are due.


9. (1) She stopped a safe distance from him, unable to ______________ the man on the phone with the
man before her.
(2) She’d been trying to ______________his connection to the PMF since discovering the link between him and Brady earlier that day.


10. (1) Most movie critics are ________ towards summer blockbusters, often referring to them as
(2) The famously ___________Cowell was an early believer in Lewis and has remained supportive
throughout her career.


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