1. Understandably the (A) world pages had to be scaled (B) Sudoku from three to two and the (C) down grid was moved from the (D) sports page to the sports pages.


2. Scientists who are on the cutting edge of research must often violate common sense and make seemingly ___________ assumptions because existing theories simply do not ___________ newly observed.


3. However, the proposed Bill does not include the two crucial provisions for taking ________ of the landowner and the social impact assessment of the __________.


4. food hamburger (A) / widely regarded (B)/ restaurant chain(C) / as the quality fast (D) /burger King is (E)/


5. is responsible for(A)/ low- intensity rainfall (B)/during the monsoon(C) / in northwest and north-central India (D)/groundwater recharge(E)/


6. The (A) tribal of Chhattisgarh laid the basis of a (B) supposed shift in development, which was essentially (C) paradigm to benefit the (D) formation population.


7. The legislatures of 1563 realized the ___________ of trying to regulate the flow of labor without securing its reasonable remuneration, and also so the second part of the statute dealt with establishing wages.


8. However, ‘Digital India’ will not happen even if the _________ is in place unless equal _________ is paid to what is made available at the end of the pipeline.


9. The visit will focus on __________, sustainable development, urban development and scientific research with both countries exploring ways to __________ mutual exchanges in the areas of trade and science.


10. Even as China’s success in containing the epidemic is in the (A)spotlight, its cover-up of the (B) stain until mid-January, nearly a month after the first few (C) cases showed up, will remain a (D) outbreak hard to erase.


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