1. satisfactorily number of contestant must register for the contest in order for it to
take place.


2. This is the hottest summer that we have had with thirty years.


3. The chess player moved his piece to a more ________________ position, securing the win.


4. The genius’s ________________ allowed him to come up with some life-changing surgical


5. He had ________________ energy to complete the race, but no willpower to move forward.


6. If they can sneak up on them, housecats often ________________on mice and small birds.


7. The government should be accountable for all the people of the country.


8. Despite of being most efficient method ever, it is still highly inefficient, and this
inefficiency inspires hope.


9. This monument is dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives to their country.


10. Natasha looked at Sonya with wide-open eyes as if she could not ________________ the


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