1. It is hard to break ________ patterns and recognize the need to bring in fresh perspectives
with concomitant skills and competencies.


2. Health drinks that do not have ________ face a myriad of issues as they do not have a very
long shelf life.


3. India has, undoubtedly, had (A) / while many of those operations went largely
unnoticed (B) / and other big cats over the years (C) / deal with man-eaters is often in
the spotlight (D) / by the public, in today’s era of social media, the way forest
department officials (E)/ to put down several man-eating tigers (F)


4. but with the rise of the Indian internet user, (A) / earlier, the cinema hall was the only
place (B) / only source for information about movies (C). / Indians now are increasingly
turning to the internet to watch movies, (D) / to watch movies and newspapers were
the (E) / read about film news or, simply, ogle at their favourite film star. (F)


5. Building a rapport, establishing robust communication lines and understanding and
________ to the personality of your stakeholders is vital.


6. (A) work will be meaningful and fulfilling (B) be in total control of your day (C) when
you are in control of what to do, (D) what is being done, and what has (E) been
accomplished, you will


7. One of the virtues, perhaps almost the chief virtue, of a newspaper is its ________.


8. (A) but it is practical too; sacrifice might be hurtful and exhausting, (B) the difference
between sacrifice and suffering is not just philosophical (C) but it is a conscious choice
whereas suffering is the result of feeling that (D) sacrifice makes us who we are (E) we
cannot slow down or else we will be shamed and lose control


9. (A) they become more abusive towards subordinates, (B) but sleepy leaders are less
effective leaders (C) have less effective working relationships with their employees, are
less able to inspire others, (D) when leaders trade away sleep in order to work more,
(E) and see engagement rates drop on the teams they manage


10. Society tells us a lot of things about what we should ________ in a career and what the
possibilities are.


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