1. There’s plenty of __________ that transferring kids to the adult criminal justice system for trial and
conviction has _________ to prevent repeat offences.


2. Pick the correct order:

it is the (A) /combination of wit (B)/ analysis that makes (C) / his articles so readable (D)/and
political (E)/


3. However, the proposed Bill does not include the two crucial provisions for taking ________ of the
landowner and the social impact assessment of the __________.


4. However, ‘Digital India’ will not happen even if the _________ is in place unless equal _________ is paid
to what is made available at the end of the pipeline.


5. Pick the correct order:

was predicated (A)/ on the assumption (B)/ that the economy (C)/ this project (D)/was expanding(E)


6. Pick the correct order:

food hamburger (A) / widely regarded (B)/ restaurant chain(C) / as the quality fast (D) /burger
King is (E)/


7. The visit will focus on __________, sustainable development, urban development and scientific
research with both countries exploring ways to __________ mutual exchanges in the areas of trade and science.


8. While the technology and state of knowledge in medicine allows the gadgets to _____ data and
give recommendation, it will be a while before we are ready to __________ doctors for serious illnesses.


9. Pick the correct order:

fabric is sufficient (A)/ to cover the (B)/one meter of (C)/ exterior of an (D)/ 18-in-diameter
hatbox (E)/


10. Pick the correct order:

is responsible for(A)/ low- intensity rainfall (B)/during the monsoon(C) / in northwest and north-
central India (D)/groundwater recharge(E)/


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