1. I could have (A) / done the sum from (B) / my maths homework (C) / since before he
returned.(D)/ No error (E)/


2. We will have (A) / been besiege by (B) / the enemy if we (C) / had stayed in the castle.(D) No
error (E)/


3. I shan’t be (A)/ responsible for the (B)/ boys’ cricket team (C)/ upcoming season(D)/ No error


4. As Ross _____through his old neighborhood, he noticed sounds and smells that were

______ of his childhood.


5. The world’s supply of renewable sources of energy is being………. in such a way that
with demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves will be ………by the year 2100.


6. Increasing ______ means that there are many older people needing treatment for
________ disease.


7. Migrants from South India have …………..been the biggest ………… to the incoming
foreign exchange received as remittance by India


8. If pressured by (A) / the committee, won't (B) / he spoke the truth (C) / about the cheating
team?(D) No error (E)/


9. The peasants had (A) / been tilled the (B) / land since (C) / the independence era.(D)/ No error


10. The development of internet along with other technologies in Asia has _________
significance for several ____________.


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