Tenses Quiz

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1. The Union Health Ministry(A)/ said that the package(B)/ including the emergency kit(C)/ has left the city two days ago. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol.D “has” should be taken off.

2. Security forces welcome the move, (A)/ as voting will be completed on a single day (B)/ and troops need not (C)/ been move from one place to another. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol.In D, “move” should be replaced with “moved”.

3. President Donald Trump said (A)/that there are more than two million coronavirus tests(B)/ completed so far(C)/ in the United States but suggested that mass testing is not going to happen. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. B “Are” should be replaced with “have been”.

4. We must develop and maintain(A)/ the capacity to forgive. (B)/He who is devoid of the power (C)/to forgive lacked the power to love. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol.D Lacked should be replaced with lacks

5. The OnePlus 8 series(A)/ launched is a week away, (B)/but we already have a ton of (C)/rumored specs to pore over. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. B “Launched” should be replaced with “launch”.

6. Election officials say they found(A)/ out about the issue with the postal service (B)/Wednesday morning and the ballots(c)/ should arrive through the mail two days ago. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. D “Should have arrived” should be used at the place of “ should arrive”

7. Pay me for days I have worked before coronavirus forced salon closure, (A)/ said by a South Jersey hairstylist who is suing her employer (B)/for allegedly withholding pay from more than 100 employees (C)/after salons across the country closed due to the coronavirus. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. A Have worked” should be replaced with “worked” as the event is of past.

8. As we hunker down in our homes(A)/ trying to avoid a lurking, unseen, viral enemy, we notice(B)/ the impact and emptiness it has caused and (C)/witnessed empty restaurants, offices and movie theaters. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. D “Witnessed” should be replaced with “witness”.

9. The government must also ensure that the audience (A)/ was endangered and that there was no danger (B)/ to the property of the theatres where the film (C)/ is being or would be screened, the court ruled.(D) No error (E)

Sol. In part D, “is” should be replaced with “was”.

10. The nation is under(A)/ a lockdown to battle Coronavirus since last two weeks (B)/and it desperately needs the support(C)/ through fund and generous donations. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol.A “Is under” should be replaced with “has been under”.

11. There are no basic informative resources(A)/ available about the amount collection(B)/ through donations(C)/ in this fund and how it’ll be used. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. B “Collection” should be replaced with “collected”.

12. There is the number of employees(A)/ in the medical departments demanded(B)/ important medical supplies(C)/ that at a time of a pandemic are extremely essential. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. B “Demanded” should be replaced with “demanding”.

13. These are desperate times. (A)/ The people will react correctly(B)/ if they stay inform and the government(C)/ in charge provides updates on a regular basis! (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. C  “inform” should be replaced with “informed”.

14. I had decided to file in the petition(A)/ because I have searched all over the internet (B)/for facts about how it is going to be used. (C)/And there has been no clear information provided at all about it. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol. A “Had” should be replaced with “have” as both the situation is happening in present.

15. Presenting ‘ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP’, (A)/ a first-of-its-kind offering that allowed you(B)/ the flexibility to invest your monthly surplus(C)/ in line with your expectation of a fixed monthly return. (D)/ no error(E)

Sol: B “allowed” should be replaced with “allows” as it has been presented in present tense thus, the effect it will hold will be in present or future and not in past.

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